This American man didn’t cut his hair or shave for a decade, but his beloved changed the situation

The guy didn’t shave or cut his hair for 12 years until he found the love of his life

This American named Josh is a 38-year-old man, yet he actually doesn’t look his age. For more than 10 years, he didn’t take care of his appearance at all and it didn’t matter for him how he actually looked.

But once he found the love of his life, the whole situation has eventually changed. The woman always complained that his beloved didn’t look well-groomed and attractive and she decided to radically change his appearance.

The woman signed Josh up for one popular TV show where they transformed people into attractive and handsome men. For the sake of his beloved, Josh unwillingly agreed to take part.

The professional stylists worked on the client for many hours and, at the end, they managed to represented the man who now looked as if being from the cover of one famous modeling magazine. A stylish haircut and well-groomed bread are absolutely relevant.

How did Josh actually react when he first looked at the mirror? Simply gorgeous! He declared that he felt as if he was a completely another man with such handsome and attractive look.

But the happiest is, of course, the beloved of Josh!

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