The exact copy of his father: How the youngest son of Michael Jackson now looks

What does Michael Jackson’s youngest heir now look like?

M. Jackson was and remains one of the true legends who became the real king of pop music. During the artist’s entire life as well as after him, he has had a big army of loyal fans from all over the Globe who simply adored the legendary and talented musician.

As a rule, heirs of the most famous celebrities greatly suffer as they don’t get enough attention and care from their parents and are only paparazzi’s and media’s center of attention. Fortunately, this case was an exception. The children of Jackson had their special role and place in the musician’s life and were constantly provided with attention and sincere paternal love.

The legendary artist has three heirs: Paris, Prince and Prince Michael the second. About the first two, enormous portions of information can be found on the internet, yet, one can hardly find anything concerning Michael the second.

It is well known that the daughter of the legendary artist is currently building modeling career. What is more, she is a public figure and an active fighter for woman’s right as well. Her brother works with various artists with the intention to create his own producing center and develops the company under the name “The Kings son”.

The youngest son of Jackson was born on 21th February, 2002, from a surrogate mother whose identity still remains unknown. In his early years, he looked exactly like his father.

It is also known that the boy has changed his name and is now Blanket. After his father’s tragic death, his grandmother and grandfather started to take care of the boy. After school, the guy started to attend the University where he wasn’t anyhow distinguished from others leading an ordinary way of life.

He prefers to dress in a plain and common way. Blanket has relatively long hair and hasn’t ever been engaged in some criminal or suspicious activities.

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