Mother never cut her son’s hair and this is what the 8-year-old boy looks like now

This 8-year-old boy gained an army of fans due to his mind-blowing hair

This unique and adorable 8-year-old boy already gained a whole army of fans due to his distinguished and admirable hairstyle.

He was born in Britain and, being only two years, he already possessed gorgeous and desirable hair many would simply dream of. Once his mom intended to have her son’s hair cut, all of a sudden, a very interesting thing happened to her.

While the woman with her son was busy shopping in the supermarket, one stranger photographed the boy and posted the picture on social media. And only when the woman read the comments declaring how gorgeous and mind-blowing the little boy’s hair was, did she actually realize how unique and distinguished Faruku actually was. People always admired the little boy’s lush hair.

She immediately rushed to create an Instagram account for the little boy and, within one month, it already gained more than 5000 subscribers.

When Faruku turned 5, he was first invited to the fashion show in New York. The modeling agency paid for absolutely everything: the flight, hotel, food, shopping. And, what is more, they kindly gave him and his mom brandy bags.

Mom herself takes good care of her son’s gorgeous and lush hair and does everything to maintain them well-groomed and shiny.

The length of his hair is nearly 60cm and he isn’t going to have his hair cut.

At the moment, on his account, Faruku has more than 100 thousand loyal fans who literally are madly in love with the boy’s hair.

Let’s wish him good luck!


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