Fantastic transformation: A 60-year-old woman radically changed her appearance

This 60-year-old housewife became unrecognizable after the transformation

Betsy from San Antonia (Texas), recently celebrated her birthday and for this special date the woman decided to radically change her look becoming much more well-groomed and fresher than before. For the radical transformation she turned to a professional and talented stylist named Christopher Hopkins who has an innate talent to approach everyone individually. The woman was more than sure that Hopkins would do his work well and she, in fact, was absolutely right.

Betsy confessed that she sincerely loved her gray hair so the master didn’t dye her hair. But Hopkins, of course, worked on his client’s hairstyle. This haircut actually helped her look fresher and highlighted her facial features.

What she, in the final result, saw in the mirror, made her the happiest woman in the world.

That was not all yet. With makeup the woman looked now 10 years younger than she actually was.

Despite not having dyed the client’s grey hair, the professional master succeeded in making the 60-year-old woman unrecognizable.


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