Mother draws the same birthmark on her face as that of her son in order to support him

Mother becomes her son’s biggest supporter drawing the same birthmark

This little cutie is already one. Once the adorable baby was born, his mom was simply shocked and confused witnessing such a big birthmark on the baby’s face. It was later found out that the baby had congenital melanocytic nevus.

People looked at the innocent baby in a very negative way and always mocked him and his mom which made the boy devastated and downhearted. His mom tried to convince them that the boy is just the same as the other ordinary kids.

In order that the baby won’t be ashamed and offended, his kind-hearted mother drew the same birthmark like that of her boy in order to be his biggest supporter and protector. Once the mother did that, the kid’s happiness recognized no borders and he emotionally cried.

Carolina, his mom, shared their heartwarming joint photos on social media and the pair immediately gained a lot of nice and pleasant compliments from the audience. Carolina realized she did the right thing.

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