This is what the kids of celebrities look like about whose existence you hardly knew

Here are the children of celebrities whom you’ve barely ever seen

The kids of celebrities grow up very fast and whom we remember to be very little are already grown up and mature personalities. We have decided to show the children of celebrities who are, perhaps, even more beautiful than even their successful parents.

We are more than sure that you have hardly seen the kids of these celebrities.

Ireland Baldwin (22y)

The daughter of the famous actor A. Baldwin and the actress K. Basinger

Bria Murphy (28y)

The eldest daughter of the actor named Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy

Destry Allyn Spielberg (21y)

The youngest daughter of director Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshow

Georgia May Jagger (26y)

The gorgeous daughter of musician Mick Jagger and his ex wife and model Jerry Hall.

Conner Cruise (23y)

The son of N. Kidman and T. Cruise

Corinne Fox (24y)

The daughter of Jamie Foxx

Katherine Schwarzenegger (28y)

The eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shiver

Liv Freindlich (16y)

The beautiful daughter of actress Julianna Moore and director Bart Freundlich

Lily Mo Shin (19)

The daughter of actors K. Beckinsale and M. Sheen

Milo Gibson (28)

The handsome son of actor and film director M. Gibson and his already ex wife R. Moore.

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