What do the grown up kids of Jessica Parker look like whom she always tried to conceal

Here are Parker’s children whom she stubbornly tried to hide

Parker is one of the actresses who most frequently face criticism towards themselves and, in case of Jessica, mostly because of her appearance as the actress, according to many people, doesn’t really correspond to the “ideal” of the Hollywood. But, in spite of all this, she managed to build a successful career in film industry. Jessica is currently a successful businesswoman as well who is engaged in the sphere of beauty. Besides all this, she created a wonderful family.

Parker has been married once and her husband is Matthew Broderick. It is worth mentioning that the man has had love affairs with other women all the time but Parker has always forgiven him. Despite the broken-heartedness and constant disappointment, she tried to save the marriage at any price. She also dreamed of having a lot of babies and she gave birth to her first one in 2002. Their son named James was, unfortunately, the only child they had as, because of some health issues, the actress no longer could have babies. This is when the family had to turn to a surrogate mother for help.

And in 2009 these wonderful twins were born. The actress herself was always been against the nannies or babysitters and she, despite all the difficulties and career, managed to raise her babies on her own. Both the gorgeous actress and her husband don’t want their private life to lose its privacy and become the center of people’s attention. Now, their son is already 18 and the twins are 11. James looks so much like his mother and the twins inherited their dad’s character.

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