Unbelievable: 94-year-old Gina Lollobrigida still looks stunning

Lollobrigida in her 90s looks absolutely gorgeous

This year, a legendary and talented Italian actress celebrated her 94 years, yet she, surprisingly, still looks absolutely gorgeous and elegant. She definitely looks much younger than she actually is.

Gina Lollobrigida’s filmography starts with “The Black Eagle” in 1946, followed by “Liquor of Love” in 1946 and “Mad About Opera” in 1949 the director of which was Mario Costa. The famous movie “Pagliacci” released in 1948 solved the actress’s all financial issues.

The celebrity often visits various events relating to film industry, thus making her fans adore the beloved actress even more.

And now, being already rather old, Lollobrigida looks absolutely beautiful and fresh.

The loyal fans of the Italian actress frequently comment on her looks saying how gorgeous she actually looks and how well she managed to maintain her natural beauty. Many of them even call her “divine”, “charismatic”, “superb”.

Even today the actress has been actively engaged in sculpting, photography and music.

Lollobrigida believes that the time to get old hasn’t come yet and she is actually going to live up to 113 years. Let’s wish good luck to her.

What do you actually think of this Italian 94-year-old actress?


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