“Back to the past”: Archive photos of famous celebrities during their graduating years

Jolie, Rihanna, Portman and others: Celebrities in their teenage years

Looking at Bred Pit, Alba, Jolie and other world famous celebrities, it is rather difficult to imagine how they actually looked during their graduating years: with their problems typical of teenagers, the first love and graduation. Now we will reveal how they looked in their teenage years.


Today, Pit is already in his 50s and is really a handsome and attractive man. Here is him in his graduation classes.


Next year, Jessica will turn 40 but she still remains as beautiful and nice as she was in her school years. It seems as if she hasn’t even changed since then. What do you think?


Zellweger is already in her 50s and many consider that she looks even better now than she used to be.


Ryan is a popular and well-known comedy actor and director is in his 40s. More than 20 years passed but he managed to stay as attractive and fresh as he was in his teenage years.


The heroine of the comedy series “Friends” still looks as gorgeous and nice-looking as she starred in the famous comedy.


He already turned 50 but, in fact, with the years passing, he became even more attractive and charismatic.


Beyonce is a brilliant representative and a great artist in pop music and she even became more beautiful and stunning than she was in her graduating years.


Here is the archive photo of Ekaterina Guseva. How pretty she was in her teenage years! The woman is already in her 40s.


It seems as it her beauty and charm is literally timeless and she isn’t going to get old one day.


One of the most beautiful and magnificent women in the whole world- Angelia Jolie. Look how gorgeous she actually looks in her teenage years.


Ivan is, believe it or not, already in his 30s and is still as attractive and handsome as he used to be.


The praiseworthy and legendary singer looks even more stunning than in her young ages.


Blake, the heroine of the series “Gossip girl” looks as beautiful and fresh as she did in her graduating classes.


Ford is already an old man now but he still clearly remembers his graduating years.


The talented singer has become even more gorgeous and flawless in the course of time. In her school years, she actually looked older than today. By the way, she is already in her 40s.


George Clooney is in his 60s and he has hardly even changed at all.


In her school years, Natali was a miniature girl who was distinguished with her uniqueness and tenderness. Time hasn’t changed her at all.


Jack is in his 80s but his smile has remained the same as it was in his teenage years.


Tailor is in her 30s and she looked very beautiful and attractive even during her school years.


The popular singer is already in 50s and despite her age she is still stunning.

Do you think they have changed a lot? Share your personal opinion below!


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