What do the children of Miss Universe and Miss World now look like?

This is how the kids of the most stunning women look

No matter whether you would make changes on your own appearance with the help of beauty injections, botox or plastic surgeries. Your kids will undoubtedly have elements of your and your partner’s appearance, as surgeries simply can’t change your genes. And now, here are the photos of the most beautiful celebrities in the world.

Miss World

2002- Oksana Fedorova

In 2011 this stunning woman married Andrey Borodin, employee of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. They had two wonderful kids, the son named Fyodor and the daughter named Elizabeth.

Miss World

1994- Aishvaria Rai

In 2011 Rai and her beloved husband, a popular and successful actor in India, had a daughter who mostly looks like her dad.

Miss Universe

Natalia Glebova

And here is the adorable daughter of this princess- the same blue eyes and pretty smile.

Miss Universe

Amelia Vega

These are her little miracles.

Miss World

2004-Yulia Avakyan

The daughter of this gorgeous lady will definitely become Miss Universe one day.

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