This is what the children of the most famous celebrities look like now

Let’s see how the kids of the celebrities have changed

Almost all celebrities are regularly caught by paparazzi. That’s why their private life, their kids and current relationships are constantly the center of everyone’s attention. They are simply not able to hide their children from the cameras. But, sometimes, the kids of the stars can be totally unrecognizable and without their parents accompanying them it is often utterly impossible to know who is who.

Let’s see how the kids of the most popular celebrities have changed

Zahara Jolie-Pitt –(12)

We all clearly remember how this kind-hearted and generous woman kindly saved and adopted orphan kids from Africa. The biological mother of this little miracle suffered an incurable disease so she couldn’t survive and the pitiable kid was left orphan. And once the Hollywood actress was informed about this, she immediately rushed to adopt the poor child. This all happened in 2005, in summer. Then, the girl was adopted by Pitt and lived in a very caring family.

Honor Marie Warren – (9)

It seems as if it happened just yesterday when Jessica gave birth to her daughter. But no, this actually took place in 2008 and the actress already expects her third baby from the producer of the movie “Fantastic Four”.

Flynn Bloom – (6)

We have already told what a caring and attentive father Bloom is. It sometimes seems as if the paparazzi caught him and his little kid just yesterday, but, in fact, this was several years ago. Flynn’s parents, unluckily, divorced in 2013 and his mom’s married a millionaire this year.

Suri Cruise (11)

Suri was the only biological daughter. Cruise have told and shared stories about his beloved daughter in many interviews and social media. But, unfortunately, the actor lost not only his wife but also his precious daughter. After their divorce, his already ex wife adopted Catholic religion and he himself refuses to keep in touch with them.

Emma and Max Anthony – (9)

After the divorce with Ben, Lo married his best friend and they two had a wonderful twin.

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