Played and abandoned: Why don’t the kids of Nicole Kidman communicate with her?

The reason why the kids of Kidman don’t communicate with her

All loyal fans of this successful and talented actress certainly know that Nicole Kidman has two wonderful daughters whom she regularly used to mention during the interviews claiming how much they actually inspire and motivate the artist. Whereas, recently, she stopped talking about her kids, with whom she hasn’t communicated for already a long period of time.

If you can remember, Nicole couldn’t give birth to a baby when she was in a relationship with Tom Cruise and that’s why they adopted children whom they raised with the love and affection coming from their hearts. When the loving couple sadly got divorced, their kids didn’t want to communicate with their mother anymore.

Do you know the reason?

As it was later found out, the kids adopted the same religion as their dad did. Few know that there is a religion in Hollywood which is quite popular and Tom Cruise had stated to take an interest in it. He is currently a great representative of the Church of Scientology. Whereas Nicole, has never wanted to adopt this philosophy of life.

She added that this was the decision of her kids and she surely respects that.

What do you think of this situation?


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