Julia Roberts: “I don’t wear makeup anymore because I don’t want to wear another face”

Julia Roberts officially refused to put on makeup anymore

Roberts is unquestionably one of the most successful and popular Hollywood celebrities who, in fact, never ceases to astonish and greatly surprise her loyal fans. Recently, she officially announced them on social media and other internet platforms that she desires to eventually stop this chaos happening in the whole world.

She suggests finally waking up and that we all should accept ourselves as we actually are.

She sincerely hopes that we can find other values in our lives and reject to wear another faces instead of ours.

She assures that there is absolutely no ideal people on our planet as well as there is no need to seem perfect-looking.

Roberts wants to convince us not to ever use botox, injections and other beauty procedures.

Calm your mind, do whatever your heart wants and accept yourself and your appearance.


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