Choosing one of these pendants the test will disclose what your partner actually thinks of you

This test will reveal how your partner sees you as a woman

Do you want to know how your partner sees you and how you attract him? Then, we offer you to take this short, but informative test to get the answers of your questions.

The first pendant

You are very feminine and nice. You also have an excellent taste of dressing and take care of your hairstyle as well. If there was a choice between cosmetic or food products, you would definitely choose the first variant. You enjoy spending time with your beloved husband and the kids. This pendant assures you should develop and appreciate good features of your character.

The second pendant

Emotions prevail in you, whereas, while growing up, you partly leant how to control and restrain them. Actually, you appreciate every moment in your life and you know how to survive in difficult situations. You have your individual approach to everything. This pendant advises you not to concentrate on negative and pessimistic way of thinking.

The third pendant

You choose conciseness and minimalism not only in style of clothes, but also in your way of living, you don’t accept anything extra or too much. You are cheerful, active and always in movement. You should keep balance between activeness and self-realism.

The forth pendant

You are a real fairy! You are fond of needlework and can make fantastic staff from useless rags. You have an artistic approach to absolutely everything. You should spend more time with yourself and analyze your actions and clarify your goals.

The fifth pendant

You have a hard character and irony nerves. You are a witty and strong-willed individual. In a relationship you appear to have special demands and needs. Besides, you should have a rest and not dedicate yourself to work only.

The sixth pendant

You are a real holiday for everyone. Your soul always requires fun, luxury and shine. Your dresses are extravagant and your jewelry shines more brightly than the Sun itself. Your career is not your prioritize. Our advice to you is to control your feelings and restrain your emotions in order not to offend your relatives.


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