A psychological test with crowns. Learn how you actually attract men. “Crazy empress” or “Grey mouse”?

Choosing one of these crowns you will learn how men actually see you

The majority of girls and women see themselves from only one side and some of them have no idea how the opposite sex sees them and how they attract men. Well, if you are ready to learn the absolute truth you will need to take this psychological test based on crowns.

The principle of the results of the psychological test with associations for exceptionally girls

This psychological test will be completely based on your subconscious. Believe it or not but your true self will be disclosed very soon.

Take this test seriously for accurate final results

Look at the images of crowns and choose the one you would prefer to wear

It is essential you choose very quickly, otherwise you will start thinking and analyzing and the result definitely won’t be actual and true for you

The test “What type of queen you are” will reveal your true self

Here are the long-waited results.

  1. The crown of an intelligent woman. Whatever you do, men always see intelligence in you first. This can’t be attractive for all the representative of the opposite sex. That’s why you should not act too much intelligently during first dates.
  2. The crown of a fatal woman. Men see you as a passionate and seductive lover who can make any evening unforgettable. If you see a future husband in your current partner, then be a little bit shy and hide your” sexuality”.
  3. The crown of a living dull. The opposite sex sees you as a girl for entertainment and pleasure. They don’t take you serious at all. You are simply a nice and cute. You had better forget about your glamour character, selfies and the things regarded to be “done by a blonde woman”
  4. The crown of a housewife. You attract men with your unique charm and grace. They see you as a really caring and responsible housewife. Everything is alright with you, whereas you need to be more passionate and attractive than you are now.
  5. A crown of a friend. The main reason why men want communicate with you is that you can listen to them and keep their secrets. If you give some hints that you want to become their “second half” there is a likeliness that you will always remain just friends.
  6. The crown of the Snow Queen. You need to clarify your principles. Your female character is merging impregnability and composure. Such qualities attract those who are “under the heel”.

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