A unique psychological test: How does a man see you?

Taking this test you will learn how your partner sees you

Each woman adores flowers. Even if she doesn’t confess it, she always waits for her partner to give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Everyone has their favorite type of flower which evokes some emotions. Now you have the chance to know how a man actually sees you.

The test: Choice of flowers, the rules to take the test.

Here is a special psychological test. The experiments were conducted by specialists.

You will be required to

Focus you full attention on taking this test

Take a look at the picture and answer the question “which flower would you like to receive from your partner?”

Read the meaning of each flower

You will learn what type of woman you are and how a man sees you

The answers of the test “What type of woman are you?”

In case you can’t decide between two ones, it means you should read the meaning of them as they both can be true for you.

1.Roses: You are a genuine queen who exactly knows her value. You are totally honest, frank and grateful. People around you frequently get offended by you as you say things straight to them. You can give warmth and look defenseless. Yet if you face an obstacle or serious problem you rush to show your sharp “spikes” as you are flexible in any situation.

2.Peonies: If you are a woman and you chose this kind of flower it means you are very feminine. You are a mild, gentle and dreamy personality. You are always eager to offer your precious help to others. Your positive and kind energy attracts men. You also have a strong intuition.

3.Tulips: You are a real heartbreaker and hunter. There is a dangerous tigress inside you. You should choose your partner carefully. Don’t ever forgive serious mistakes and betrayal. You are subject to be affected by others’ opinions and you place a great importance to your partner’s point of view.

4.Chamomile: The man forgets about all his problems while being with you. Your warm and positive energy raises everyone’s mood. Yet you shouldn’t always sacrifice yourself for others. Because of your kindness you lack time for yourself. This should be fixed!

5.Gerberas: You are always in a state of being in love. You sometimes can’t understand whether you feel this towards one or several men. But, for instance, when you want something and it doesn’t happen or you are not given that, you became initiated and can get bothered by insignificant things. Sometimes you need to have a rest before you communicate with a man otherwise he will form a wrong opinion about you.

6.Lilies: You are a real lady. You possess a brilliant sense of beauty. You have a strong intuition and potential and you should rely on your sixth sense more often.

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