What is the first animal you see in the picture? The answer will reveal a lot about your character.

A psychological test, that can reveal interesting aspects of your character

Have you ever seen a picture in a film when a psychiatrist shows a picture to a patient, and he has to tell what he sees on it? This test follows the same rules. Intrigued?

Look at the picture (not too long) and answer which animal did you see first?

No 1 Mantis

You are a confident person with very strong instincts. You constantly listen to your inner voice and always act in harmony with it. You are determined when it comes to achieving your goals. Despite the fact that you create the appearance of a callous person, you have a good heart.

No 2 Dove

You are a very good person who, even in the most stressful situation, can remain calm, because you know that this is the best way to effectively solve the problem. You have great patience and never do anything against your will.

No 3 Eagle

You have a strong character and focus entirely on the goal you want to achieve. You like to be an authority and you try to keep it in the eyes of others. Even though sometimes you do something stupid, most people forgive you for it.

No 4 Horse

You are ambitious, interested in success first and foremost, and always take your job very seriously. You are an honest person who always knows his worth and easily stands out from the crowd.

No 5 Butterfly

You adapt well to change, and thanks to your flexibility you can find a way out of any situation. You have a very kind heart and you quickly win over people. Your charm is very hard to resist.

No 6 Chicken

You are persistent and smart, always making the right decisions. Whenever you need to, you are brave and do everything to achieve your goal.

No 7 Crab

You give the impression of a persistent and tough person, but this is just an illusion. You often put the needs of your loved ones ahead of your own. The people with whom you are friends are very happy about this friendship.

No 8 Wolf

Even though you are independent, you still enjoy being in the company of other people. It happens that you prefer to be at home and just relax from other people. You are not afraid of adversity and bravely fight with them.

No 9 Dog

You are a courageous, devoted and incredibly selfless person. Although you can be stubborn sometimes, your loved ones are very lucky to have you. If you fall in love, then you always remain faithful.

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