The red, plum or blue one? What can the color of your lipstick tell about you?

Choose a lipstick color and learn what type of personality you are

This psychological test “choose a lipstick color” is exceptionally for females. Due to this interesting personality test you can learn what hidden and secret qualities or strong potential you have.

How are the color of the lipstick and character interconnected?

Research was carried out on people’s appearance and its connection with their personality character. Females’ preferences in their clothes and accessories reflect not only their mood but also features of their character.

We will show how the color of lipstick and character are surprisingly interconnected and interdependent. Due to the final results you will be provided with a full characteristic portrait of your partner or someone you may hardly know.

The result of the psychological test by color of the lipstick

Decide which color of the lipstick you like most and which one you would frequently prefer to use.

  1. Purple and plum colors: These colors are usually preferred by those who are absolutely self-confident. They can often boast of having high self-esteem and leading qualities and characteristics.
  2. Dark red: Red shades are liked by those girls who are very sentimental and passionate individuals. They are sincerely fond of being the center of attention and taking advantage of their fame and popularity as well as of having many male suiters around.
  3. Mild pastel shades: These girls are quite emotional, mild and romantic. They are also vulnerable and very sentimental. These people don’t usually have hard and unbearable character and are not really argumentative.
  4. The blue shades: This color can rarely be seen on a lady’s lips and is extremely uncommon and unusual. It is loved by those who crave for attention and desire to attract others. These women are totally restrained and can easily control their feelings and emotions.
  5. Carrot tones: Those who choose such colors probably have sweet disposition and really soft character. These girls are souls of companies, have an excellent sense of humor as well as rich fantasy and developed imagination.
  6. Bright red and scarlet colors: This kind of color is mainly liked by those who are self-confident and really temperamental. Whereas, these shades are mostly chosen by those who, perhaps, want to hide their comparatively low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

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