How to know about the person’s character by their hand shape?

Choose a hand shape and learn new things about yourself and other people

Do you want to learn more about someone you hardly know but don’t know why? Now you can “read” anyone by their hand shape. You can do the test on your own by only taking a glance at you’re a person’s hand. First of all, you can do the test for yourself.

Which hand shape do you mainly meet?

At this moment these four main types are distinguished

  1. Short fingers and palm with the square shape
  2. Long fingers with a little elongated square palm shape
  3. Short fingers and a little elongated palm
  4. Long fingers and strongly elongated palm


The ability to “read” people according to their hand shape is called Palmistry. Now you will know what types of people you need to befriend with.

Revealing the character according to the hand shape

Besides the character, the weak sides of the people can also be disclosed in this test.

The first type: If this is your hand shape, you are a deeply conservative and practical individual. You hardly ever dream of something unimaginable. The most important thing is that you, in a matter of fact, possess a deep mind. And your weak point is that you sometime can’t control your emotions.

The second type: You are impulsive and emotional and are not able to restrain yourself. You are probably an artistic individual. You always need to assert yourself and this is your weak side.

The third type: You are full of positive energy and enthusiasm. Whereas you are born to manipulate people which is not definitely not good and right towards others.

The fourth type: You are not a restful person. You often suffer anxiety and alarm. On the other hand, you are open-minded and extremely kind. You are a sentimental person. And it is worth mentioning that you are an artistic individual with the excellent sense of beauty. You also have quite developed intuition.

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