Riddle for attentiveness: what is wrong in this picture?

An exercise for your brain

Riddle for attentiveness: what is wrong in this picture?

Do you consider yourself an attentive and smart person? If the answer is yes, then probably you regularly train your brain, solve various kinds of puzzles, read a lot and are fond of riddles? Did we guess?

If the answer is no, then don’t worry. Ingenuity and the ability to think can and should be developed. Regular brain exercises will pay off.

Today we invite you to take a break from everyday affairs and devote a couple of minutes to a riddle.

Take a close look at the simple picture. What’s wrong with her?

Take your time, give yourself time to think. Consider every detail. The main thing – do not peep in the answer ahead of time!

Ready to give the right answer?

Well, of course! The thing is that the artist forgot to depict one detail.

The desert, the scorching sun, tired people, but where are the shadows from them?

Admit it, how long did you think about the answer? Did your loved ones help you? Share your feedback in the comments!

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