«Look what you lost, Tiger Woods!» This is what happened to Elin Nordegren years after the divorce

They had been married for 6️⃣ years before their scandalous split in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣0️⃣!💔 They were one of the most iconic couples whose divorce left the fans speechless! 🤐😩Years have passed and let’s see how Elin Nordegren has changed! 🧐🤫Check out her recent photos in this article! 👇

There is no denying that T. Woods is among the greatest, most legendary and towering sports stars of our generation. His great talent, dedication to golf and diligent work shaped him as one of the most iconic figures. It was in 2009 that rumors about his infidelity spread everywhere.

To say that these scandals have left a mark on his reputation and status is nothing to say. This proves that a life behind success and stardom can be fraught with challenges and ups and downs. At some point, the whole world was talking about his relationship with Elin Nordegren, a nanny from Sweden, who was introduced to him by another golfer J. Parnevik.

Their relationship was brought to a new level and they tied the knot in 2004. Even M. Jordan and Ch. Barkley were among the celebrity guests. During their marriage they welcomed two children.


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According to reliable sources, rumors about the man’s love affair turned out to be true which led to their split in 2010. The woman received a $100 million settlement and bought a luxury home in Florida where she lived together with her children. Through the years the ex-spouses rebuilt their relationship and became friends for the sake of their kids.

They both started prioritizing their kids’ well-being. In 2009, however, Nordegren made an announcement about expecting a child with former NFL player J. Cameron. Currently, she resides in Florida with her family.

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