«She ate and left no crumbs!» Matthew McConaughey’s and his wife’s appearance at the Oscar ceremony deserves our attention

People called McConaughey’s wife «the best dressed» woman at Oscars and they were absolutely right! 🤩💯 The couple appeared at the recent Oscar ceremony and Camila stole everyone’s heart there! 💘🤫See her fashion choice in this article and try not to fall in love! 👇

The public appearance of M. McConaughey and his wife became the subject of heated discussions. The Oscar ceremony was held at the Dulby Theatre in Los Angeles. The fashion choice of the popular and successful model received the highest praise and is still making headlines.

Her stunning ensemble left a strong impression on everyone. It featured a black gown adorned with a necklace from Bulgary. One may say that the most striking item was the sleeves made of a plastic-like material adding even more originality and aesthetics.

Her makeup with bronze contouring and hairstyle in slight waves perfectly matched her dress designed by Donatella Versace. One may say that her necklace became the perfect complement to her iconic image. What concerns Matthew, he chose a classic and, at the same time, sophisticated image.


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The spouses have been residing in their home in Texas since 2014 and fully embrace its culture and community. They have become one of the most talked-about couples there.


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