«The girl with a doll face has grown up!» This is what the world’s most beautiful child looks like today

She worked as a model already at the age of 4️⃣ being called «the most beautiful girl in the world»! 😍 She drove everyone crazy with her doll-like face and blue eyes! 🫠💘Over a decade has passed since then and this is what she looks like today! 😱😤 Check out Aira’s recent photos already as a teenager in this article! 👇

Still as a toddler, Aira captured the attention of numerous photographers as well as modeling agencies with her extraordinary beauty. To say that millions all over the world were captivated by her blue eyes, facial features like those of a doll and gorgeous blonde hair is nothing to say.

This led the little girl to participate in various photoshoots and advertisement already at the age of 4. Words were simply not enough to describe her unique allure and flawless appearance. Aira started to earn her own money at early ages and became her family’s biggest source of income.

However, something bad hid behind her big success and recognition: Aira didn’t live the same life as her peers. Her carefree childhood years were «taken» away from her and she didn’t have a chance to behave like an ordinary child: play games, hang out with friends, etc.

Her doll-like features and extraordinary beauty eventually became a burden for Aira making her work from early ages and develop independence. Some people, however, strongly held the opinion that her photos were well edited before being posted on social media. They accused her parents of overusing cosmetics and retouching.

The others believed that her beauty was completely natural and sincerely admired the girl calling her «the world’s prettiest child». Years have passed and she is not the same now. To say that she has changed beyond recognition is nothing to say. Yet, no one will deny that she still looks charming and feminine.

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