«The replica of Noah’s ark!» One contractor builds an immense ark and attracts tourists worldwide

Carpenter spends 20 years building a gigantic ark and leaves everyone speechless with the final results! 😱👏 Let’s look at this creation and immerse into its atmosphere! 🧐🫠 See the exclusive footage in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s article is about the contractor who grew up in Noord-Holland. He was convinced that he was destined to build a huge ark which will help people survive a terrible flood.

He was highly inspired by Noah’s ark and one may say that his creation is an imitation. In order to create the exact copy, he read the Bible, watched a number of movies and received lots of information about the original ark.

He started designing and building his own, Johan’s ark with the help of assistants. It is now an immense exhibit with multiple floors and attracts tourists.

It also features a cinema and a restaurant where business meetings and even weddings can be held. Have a look at it and share your impressions with us!

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