«Nothing left from former fatty!» The incredible weight loss of John Travolta’s daughter left fans in awe

«No one expected such a transformation!»🤯Travolta’s daughter’s physique caused continual ridicule as a child, but now men are crazy about her💘🤤Admire her photos in the article👇👇👇

Of course, it is very surprising when we see how people throw off their extra pounds and become a completely different person. It is very difficult to understand such a change.

People are always interested in celebrity children from the moment they are born. This time we are surprised by John Travolta’s daughter Ella Blue Travolta.

It is no secret that she was not a skinny girl and did not have an impeccable figure. Her physique as a child was the subject of ridicule from the media and her friends.

She even ranked first among the most unattractive celebrity children. Ella Blue always wanted to hide her excess weight and wore baggy clothes, but her attempts were in vain.

Years passed and the girl finally amazed the whole world with her transformation. Ella Blue has transformed from a chubby girl into a slender and elegant lady.

She began to look younger, lost weight and changed her entire wardrobe. Now many people dream of being like her.

Ella Blue is very similar to her famous father. Unfortunately, her mother passed away in 2020. Ella Blue Travolta has already started her acting career and that’s why she changed her appearance. What do you say about this? Please share your opinions in the comments.

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