«Parents are horrified by his decision!» This is what this guy was like before plastic surgeries

«Nobody believes that this is the same guy!»😱The guy spent more than $300,000 to get the look of his dreams, but decided to share archival photos😵‍💫💔He is unrecognizable, see here👇👇👇

This guy’s name is Mateo Blanco, who spent over $300,000 and countless plastic surgeries to get the look of his dreams.

When this guy’s mother saw his appearance for the first time after the operations, she was confused and even cried for several days.

Recently, photographs of the guy before any intervention were circulated online, and Internet users were shocked and felt sorry for his mother. After all, the mother spent her whole life next to her son so that he would grow up to be a well-mannered and good man.

People started commenting on his photo about Mateo’s appearance. Many wrote that the guy probably has problems related to his mental health.

Some asked him in surprise whether he was satisfied with this result and answered their own question: «Definitely no one will like his new look!»

There are many different opinions in the comments about his appearance. There was not a single person who would approve of his image.

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