«It’s unclear that she is a daughter of a celebrity!» Tom Cruise’s daughter disappointed fans in recent photos

«Walks the streets like a village girl!»😬Tom’s already grown-up daughter was caught in paparazzi footage and left fans confused by her image🤔😳Just look at her look in the article👇👇👇

All fans of the famous actor Tom Cruise know that he divorced his wife in 2012. After that, he stopped communicating with his daughter Suri, who today is of great interest to the paparazzi. Suri has matured and is giving interviews to the media, even though her mother wants to keep her away from the public.

Recently, during a walk, paparazzi captured Suri with a friend in New York. Internet users began to comment on the new photos: «A copy of the famous father», «Sweet girl», «How could Tom calmly turn away from his only daughter?», «He inherited all the best from his parents», «What kind of dress is she wearing?», «Girl from the village!»․

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