«Pinocchio in real life!» The fatal transformation of a man with rhinophyma blew up the network

«I couldn’t even eat because of my nose!» 😱One ordinary resident from the USA shares his incredible story and leaves everyone speechless! 🤐😳See what «Pinocchio» looks like after the operation in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s interesting article is about Conrado, an ordinary painter, whose life changed to the roots after a fatal meeting. When he received an order for work, he didn’t know that the call was from one talented surgeon who wanted to change his life.

The surgeon later explained that the moment he saw him he immediately realized that he urgently needed a nose job since he had rhinophyma which, as he explains, is quite common among the middle-aged men. Dr. Romo was fully ready to help him.

To say that he had completed his job brilliantly is actually nothing to say. He no longer resembles the poor man who first stepped into his clinic. Now, he lives a life of an ordinary man and no more faces difficulties doing basic things.

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