«Huge eye bags, grey hair and wrinkles!» This is how years have changed American model Paulina Porizkova

She was only 1️⃣5️⃣ when she started her modeling career and featured in Chanel, Christian Dior and Harper’s Bazaar! 😍👏 The whole world was dazzled by her angelic beauty, but time has passed and she is already 5️⃣9️⃣! 🧐😲The fans hardly recognized her with grayed hair and wrinkled face! 🤨😱 Check out her new photos in this article! 👇

The ethereal charm, angelic beauty and femininity of this model and writer turned everyone’s heads back in the 1980-1990s. She ventured into the world of modeling as early as at the age of 15 being regarded as one of the top and most successful stars in fashion whose great incredible heights could hardly be overestimated.

Millions envied her unearthly charm and it was hard to resist and not to fall in love with this diva. Paulina was believed to possess incredibly beautiful facial features which set her apart and made her a dream for all men. Years have passed and we are afraid to say that the iconic woman has already turned 59.

She determined to embrace natural ageing without turning to cosmetic surgeons and cosmetologists. Porizkova has considerably lost weight, gained age-related wrinkles and let her hair grow totally gray. Even with so many «undesirable» changes, she manages to steal everyone’s heart.

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