“Fans were taken aback:” Hollywood star Roberts, noticeably heavier, was recently snapped by paparazzi

Behold, it’s the iconic actress Roberts, who has noticeably gained weight and is almost unrecognizable! 😱🧐 Some online users even say they can’t believe it’s her. Swipe through the photos in the article below to see for yourself! 👇

The beloved 55-year-old actress was recently photographed while on vacation. Examining the latest paparazzi shots of the “Pretty Woman” star, it’s evident she has gained considerable weight in a short span. Some online users even remarked that the once iconic actress is now difficult to identify. In these images, her expanded belly was particularly shocking to her followers.

“She’s not the same anymore!”, “She used to be petite and charming,” “Roberts is flawless no matter what!”, “She was, is, and forever will be an ethereal beauty,” “What a stunning lady.”

“Many wish they looked like her at 54,” “I think she looks fantastic for her age,” “She’s put on a lot of weight!”, “Look at that belly!”

Many feel Roberts has changed significantly and no longer exudes the same attractiveness and grace. What’s your view on these comments?

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