«Lived in a homeless shelter and dated Bellucci!» Rosalind Celentano unveils the truth and confirms the rumors

She finally breaks the silence and says something which we all were afraid to hear! 🫣😨 «They should have never had kids!» 💬 The daughter of these two Italian film stars reveals the jaw-dropping truth and causes a furor! 😬🤯 For more – see the article! 👇

It is noteworthy that A. Celentano and C. Mori have happily been married for already 60 years, can you believe? While millions of girls went crazy about him back then, Claudia was the one who could win the heart of the most desirable man of the time.

Today, he is already 86, and Mori is 80. Celentano never misses a chance to express his sincere feelings towards her. During their marriage, the beautiful couple welcomed three children. Their older daughter is a successful TV host.

Their son follows the footsteps of his legendary parents. What concerns their youngest child, she is often the subject of heated discussions. Rosalind has spoken bad of her parents not once claiming that they are self-centered people and claiming that they should have never had kids.

As a reminder, she left home and went away as soon as she turned 18. At some point the girl even found herself in a shelter for the homeless accepting no help from her famed parents. Also, she has recently hit the network admitting having a romance with Bellucci.

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