«I stopped looking at other women after meeting her!» Here is the woman who became Pierre Richard’s biggest love

The 8️⃣9️⃣-year-old actor showed his young wife and now everyone calls him «a lucky man»! 😉👌 No one believed in their union because of their 3️⃣0️⃣-year age gap, but they got married and made people want their words back! 😮👏 See the woman who stole the French actor’s heart in this article! 👇

There is no denying that he is among the most towering, versatile and legendary actors whose significant contribution to the French cinema can hardly be overestimated. Among his most remarkable roles are «A Chef in Love», «The Troubles of Alfred» and «Fugitives».

The legendary film star is already approaching his 90 this year and has changed a lot. No one will deny that the cinema giant still looks much younger his age the secret to which lies in his fitness regimen which involves exercising, believe it or not, in bed.

His love life evokes interest too. He has had many passionate episodes in life. The actor spent 2 decades with his first wife ballerina D. Minatsolli with whom he welcomed two sons. Afterwards, he started a romance with actress M. Dubrule and then a model Aisha.

Richard’s life took a turn when he was lucky enough to meet model S. Lacerda. Despite their 30-year gap, the couple could find happiness together and prove that true love will win all the battles. Of course, there were some obstacles as Richard didn’t speak Portuguese and the girl hadn’t seen any of his movies.

Today, the French actor is still engaged in traveling, loves motorcycle rides and consumes a glass or two glasses of wine during meals.

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