«He was a disturbing person to be around!» Elton John sheds light on the King of Pop years after his passing

He breaks the silence and says something we all were afraid to hear! 🤫😨 Elton John makes an astonishing announcement for which the fans of the King of Pop were not ready! 🤨🤐 «At some point he started sequestering himself from the world and from reality»!💬 For more – see the article! 👇


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There is no denying that Elton John is among the most legendary, world-renowned and incredibly talented stars of his generation. His drizzling career spanned over decades and his great contribution to the world of music industry can hardly be overestimated. Today, John is already 75 years old.


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«In showbiz, some people fear being recognized on the streets, while others are out-of-this-world superstars. Elton John belongs to the latter».

For those who are unaware, he was acquainted with M. Jackson since his teen years and has recently made a startling statement which let no one remain indifferent. The book sheds light on his transformation over the years also mentioning the probability of drug use.

What John added about Jackson was that he used to be among the most adorable kids, but he sometimes seemed to escape the reality which, of course, raised some questions among the fans. Elton has also mentioned that he seemed to have issues with his mental stare during the last years of his life.

Moreover, Elton John has had to say «Goodbye» to his touring because of his health issues.

«I will never be touring again, but I may do something in the future».

As we can see, his touring has come to an end and he spends more time with his family.

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