«Time to say goodbye!» Jane Fonda makes a heartbreaking statement and gives details on her battle with cancer

People’s hearts break as she says she is «ready» to pass away and stop her struggles! 💔😭Everyone started to desperately pray for the star after her recent statement! 🙏😥She gets candid about her battle and seeks our support!🥺😫 Try not to shed a tear when you see the article!👇

There is hardly anyone who is still unaware of Jane Fonda’s struggles connected with her health and well-being. The Oscar-winning actress revealed earlier this year that she had been diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy.

Being in the celebrity realm for many years, she accentuates the importance of raising awareness of such issues as her current condition and advocating for meaningful causes. In her latest candid interview, she stated that she was not afraid of passing away and accepting mortality.

She acknowledges the importance of being aware of the time behind rather than ahead. Fortunately, the chemotherapy she has undergone has had a positive impact on her well-being. Fonda admits that reaching the end of life doesn’t scare her at all.

What concerns her regrets, she wishes she had been a different kind of mother to her kids when they were younger. Her great contribution to the industry and incredible career accomplishments can’t even be questioned.

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