«Second Monroe hits her 93!» This is what Hollywood’s oldest diva Mamie Van Doren looks like now

People called her second Marilyn Monroe back in the 1️⃣9️⃣7️⃣0️⃣s who made waves in Hollywood with her red lips and blonde curls!👄👱‍♀️ You might remember her from «Running Wild», «Teacher’s Pet» and «The Best Generation»! 🎬🤩Van Doren has already turned 9️⃣3️⃣ and is dubbed as Hollywood’s oldest diva whose new photos you can see in this article!👇

These days, the network has been hit by Mamie Van Doren’s recent photos. Back in the 1960-1970s people called her second Monroe for her gorgeous blonde curls, seductive red lips and ethereal facial features. Her contribution and incredible career heights to the film industry can hardly be overestimated.

However unbelievable it might seem, Hollywood’s oldest diva has already celebrated her 93rd birthday. To say that she looks amazing for her age is nothing to say. Years seem to have never passed for her letting her age like fine wine.

As one can see, she has stayed true to her style and often gives her preference to revealing and extravagant outfits. Seeing how the iconic film star appears today lets no single one stay indifferent. Her each and every post garners lots of comments on her timeless beauty and youthfulness.

«She can’t even stand next to Monroe», «Someone, please, remind her of her age!», «Even far not 50-year-old woman looks so stunning as she does at her 93», «Let me double-check her age..».

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