«Where is modesty, Meghan?» Prince Harry and his wife steal the spot at Four Seasons resort in Florida

Markle forgot that she is a duchess and wore a revealing dress with an open back! 🤬🙄«Ridiculous», «How dare she?» and other comments hit the woman! 💬 Even the Prince felt uncomfortable next to her! 😬😳 Paparazzi filmed the royal couple dining at Four Seasons resort and you can see the photos in this article! 👇

Cameras have secretly filmed the royal couple during a special charity dinner and made a massive splash among the British people. The remarkable event was held to honor the Sentebale charity.

The dinner took place at the prestigious Four Seasons resort which can boast a wonderful view of the ocean and expensive suites that cost at least $8000 per night. Much attention was paid to the daring outfit of the duchess. She was wearing a revealing black dress with an open back and Harry obviously looked uncomfortable next to her.

The duchess’s appearance caused a furor who shared different opinions about her fashion choice. While some admired her no matter what, the others called that outfit «disgraceful» and even «unacceptable» adding that Middleton would never do that.

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