«The girl with a doll face then and now!» This is how Aira, a Barbie-like child, looks and lives today

She was 2️⃣ when the world called her the girl with the most beautiful face ever! 💘😮Modeling agencies didn’t wait for her to grow up and she started to earn money still as a child! 😉 Time has passed and the real-life Barbie is unrecognizable! 🧐😲 She has gained weight and lost her angelic beauty whose new photos you can see in this article! 👇

The breathtaking and mesmerizing beauty of this girl captivated millions when she still was a little child. Her name became well-known in each and every part of the Globe as one of the prettiest girls dubbed as «Barbie-girl». Her photos instantly went viral the network and caught the attention of network users.

Some genuinely admired Aira’s incredible beauty, while the others accused her parents of ruining her childhood taking those carefree years away, editing her photos and making her wear full-makeup all the time. No photographer could stay indifferent toward her and she started to earn money at early ages.

However, as she grew up she ceased to look like the same doll-like girl with ideal features. Now, she is a teenager who has gained weight and ceased to be the same popular and successful girl. She has become an ordinary child. Some hold the opinion that she still deserves the title of «one of the world’s most beautiful girls».

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