«Searching trash bins, smoking cigarettes and alcoholism!» Loni Willison’s journey from modeling to homelessness

The fans were horrified to see Willison digging through trash bins and smoking cigarettes! 🤮🚬 Once a supermodel, now a homeless alcoholic! 😬😱This is what a toxic relationship did to her! 🧐🤫Hidden photographers secretly filmed her and caused a furor! 🤨😲 See the scandalous snapshots in this article! 👇

The life journey of Loni Willison never ceases to pique public attention and evoke interest. It is astonishing to realize that a successful supermodel could turn into a homeless woman. According to reliable sources, her life fell apart shortly after her divorce from the «Baywatch» star J. Jackson.

As a reminder, it was back in 2012 that Jeremy and Loni got married. Yet, their marriage didn’t last long and they split up two years later. This led her to struggle with anxiety and depression which later resulted in alcoholism. Soon, she found herself stuck in debts and, eventually, homeless.

Whenever people offer their help, she flatly rejects. «I don’t need help. I have everything I need».

What concerns his ex-husband, he also had hard times since «Baywatch» being sentenced to 270 days in prison. He has also struggled with alcoholism.

Currently, she does her best to make the ends meet and have food.

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