«Legs like matchsticks!» This is Clooney’s response to the criticism towards his wife’s appearance

People advised Amal not to wear mini anymore calling her legs «ugly»!🤬 The actor’s wife showed up in a skirt and everyone is talking about her physique! 🤯🫢A wave of criticism hit the woman, but her husband was there to protect her! 💪🫂See how he reacted in this article! 👇

It is beyond any doubt that they are among the most enduring couples of show business. For those who are still unaware, Amal is a talented and highly skilled British barrister.

Not only Amal’s accentuated femininity and unearthly charm, but also her intelligence and charisma have contributed to George’s feelings for him. He simply couldn’t remain indifferent towards her elegance and grace which dazzle absolutely everyone around.

As a reminder, most viewers remember Clooney for his role in «O Brother» and «Where Art Thou». What concerns his personal life, it is no more a secret that his heart belongs to only one woman.

Nevertheless, the appearance of the woman often causes a furor resulting in mixed reactions. While ELLE Magazine shared an article titled «54 Moments Amal Cooney Looked Absolutely Gorgeous», some people are of an absolutely different opinion calling her legs «ugly» and «too thin like matchsticks».

This is how Clooney describes his wife, «She’s stunning and has a great sense of style – there’s no stylist or anything, she just comes out like that and she looks stunning. And she does it while she’s got 11 cases going – literally. So she’s an amazing woman».

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