«Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the screen» Let’s have a look into the rarely-seen side of the American actress

It was in 1️⃣9️⃣6️⃣2️⃣ that the world said «Goodbye!» to Monroe who passed away at the age of  3️⃣6️⃣ of suspect overdose! 😰💔People call her the most iconic woman in history and they are absolutely right!💯😏 The actress’s photos from the archive had been hidden for years and now we have a chance to have a look!🤫 See the article for her rare images! 👇

None of you will probably ask who M. Monroe is as she is well-recognized in the whole world as the epitome of female beauty. Her iconic image is surely beyond being just an American actress. Monroe’s incredible beauty, blonde curly hair and perfect body parameters captivated millions making her role in the entertainment industry irreplaceable.

She has appeared in many popular films such as «Let’s Make Love», «Some Like It Hot» and many others which brought her career into a whole new level. Her fame and recognition have spanned outside America making her an international sex symbol.

However, her personal life behind the scenes was fraught with challenges and hardships which eventually led to depression and suspect overdose which took her life as early as at the age of 36. For many years her archival photos were hidden by her loyal friend, Frida.

Now, we have a great chance to have a deeper look into the iconic film star’s rarely-seen side and fall in love with her again. One may say that her genuine self is seen in these rare throwback pictures.

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