Samira on «The Clone» is already 36! Brazilian actress Sthefany Brito showed her family and blew up the network

Those who watched «The Clone» definitely remember Samira, a young beauty! 🎬🤩Time has passed and Sthefany Brito is already a married woman! 😮🤌This is what the Brazilian actress’s husband and son look like! 🧐🤫 For their joint family photos – see the article! 👇

Many of you will remember this charming Brazilian actress for her role in «The Clone», a Brazilian TV series which captivated millions of viewers all over the world. There, she portrayed Samira, a young beauty, who managed to steal many hearts back then.

What concerns her personal life, she had long been married to Brazilian football player who frequently cheated on his wife and led her to struggle. Soon, Sthefany could no more endure and filed for divorce starting a new chapter in life. Soon, she found new love with a Russian lawyer with whom she now has a son.

«How long have we been sleeping? Time flies!», «What a beautiful family!», «Cuteness overload!», «What an adorable child they have! I can’t take my eyes off him», «Dad’s genes did their job», «She made the right decision to leave her then-husband».

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