«The Barbie-like girl has grown up!» This is how years have changed the most beautiful girl in the world

People called her the prettiest girl on Earth, but now want their words back after her recent photos! 🥱😞 Years have passed and the doll-like girl is no more the same! 🫢🤢 The whole world admired Aira’s beauty but hold your breath before you see her new photos in this article! 👇

Still as a toddler, Aira captivated millions worldwide with her absolutely unique facial features, ocean-like blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair. People dubbed her as the prettiest girl on Earth towards whom no one could remain indifferent. She entered the limelight at a tender age.

Her breathtaking beauty, allure and appealing look opened all the closed doors and she started to collaborate with modeling agencies and many photographers. Still as a child, she provided her family’s biggest source of income. Some accuse her parents of letting their little child into the outside world too early.

Critics hold the opinion that her carefree childhood years were taken away from her and, instead of posing for the photographers and applying full makeup, she should’ve played games, hang out with her peers and behaved as a typical child. However, life prepared another thing for her. She had to develop independence from early ages.

Years have passed and her beauty ceased to evoke interest. She no more received numerous modeling offers and started to be treated just like an ordinary girl. While some still consider her rather pretty and feminine, the others believe that no trace of her angelic beauty has remained.


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