«RIP, Chandler!» The last photos of Matthew Perry surface the network and everyone is saying the same thing

Can you recall Chandler on «Friends»?🎬 He is no more with us! 💔😭It was in October last year that Perry was found breathless in a bathtub at his home in Los Angeles! 😫🙏 The last photos of the American actor have been finally revealed and they show something unexpected! 🧐😱 See the exclusive footage in this article! 👇

Most viewers know him as Chandler on the comedy series. The Canadian-American actor’s significant contribution and incredible talent can hardly be overestimated. The great roles that Perry portrayed shaped him as one of the most acclaimed and prominent actors of the time.

His role is irreplaceable both in movies and TV. Among the successful sitcoms he has starred in include «The Odd Couple» and «Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip». He is notable for his remarkable role in «The West Wing» where he played attorney Joe Quincy.

Matthew raised awareness about addition and how to recover from it as he himself became a victim of addiction. He wanted to inspire people. His incredible journey reflected his resilience. When one sees his last photos before his passing, it becomes quite clear that he was in a bad health condition.

He even seemed depressed and anxious which raised some questions and left much room for heated discussions. He had even put on some weight and ceased to look like the old Perry who stole millions of female hearts.

Perry was always open about his battles with addition and ongoing journey towards recovery. He even experienced challenges of memory loss. Even his co-stars from «Friends» showed their sympathy showering him with lots of good wishes.

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