«Social media vs. Reality!» This is how age and years have changed the «Desperate Housewives» star

If you consider Eva Longoria «a forever beauty», look at her behind the scenes and think twice! 😬🥱 The reality is a little bit disappointing! 😧💔 Cameras secretly captured the «Desperate Housewives» star whose new scandalous photos you can see in this article! 👇

Eva Longoria is among the most outstanding, successful and desirable actresses who is best-remembered for her role in «Desperate Housewives». The iconic movie star’s each and every appearance on the Red Carpet deserves our special attention since all her fashion choices receive the highest praise.

However, the way Longoria appears in daily life leaves a lot to be desired. One may say that she herself has become a desperate housewife. Her everyday wardrobe and casual style not only take her charm, but also add unkemptness and simplicity to her image.

Many remark that the family life and motherhood didn’t do her good and now she looks far not her best. It was in 2016 that Longoria married J. Baston and the spouses welcomed their son 2 years later. This became a new chapter in her life.

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