«Comfort overloaded!» Let’s get the access to the time machine by taking a look into this unique house in Poland

As an ordinary Polish woman, I showed the house I live in and now everyone is at loss of words! 🇵🇱🏠 This is what a «simple» home in this country can look like! 😏😍See the article for more and try not to start dreaming of living here! 👇

Let’s take a step back to a bygone era and fully immerse into the house fraught with rustic charm and aged furnishings! Believe it or not, its 32-year-old owner lives here permanently, deeply appreciates Varmia’s history and has something to show us too.

The kitchen features bare brick floors, a simple table as well as abundance of vintage crockery which make the atmosphere unique and, to some extent, historical. Ceramic, porcelain and copper adorn the shelves and add even more allure and zest.

Surprisingly, one can find a juicer and coffee machine here as well which somehow perfectly match with the antic décor and furniture. The living room has a fireplace as well as a cozy dining area. The bathroom deserves our attention too. It features an aristocratic bathtub and ceramic basin.

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