Instead of throwing this outdated armchair away, the owner gave it another chance and turned into a modern piece of furniture

Others would throw this armchair away without a second thought, but I had other plans! 😉No one believed I could make it look any better, but I did even better than I expected! 🤩👏 Now I have a brand new piece of furniture! 💪See the before-after photos of the transformation in this article! 👇

While the others would barely give a second chance to this outdated and miserable-looking armchair, I decided to do my best and transform it beyond recognition. As is known, any alteration begins with dismantling. I concluded that 2 m 40 cm fabric would be required.

For the upholstery color I gave my preference to light green fabric which I ordered from Wildberries since it was much cheaper there compared to the stores in our city.

The foam used in the pillows was 10 cm thick, which I decided to repeat by adding padding polyester.

Feel free to share your true impressions in the comments!


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