«Unrecognizable after the mom’s loss!» What a beauty John Travolta’s daughter has become is heating up social media

You still remember Travolta’s daughter chubby and unattractive, right? 😉 Have a look at her now and try not to fall in love! 🧐🫠 Ella Bleu’s incredible transformation is making headlines! 🤩 See the article for her before-after photos! 👇

You all probably know Ella Bleu Travolta, the heiress of legendary Hollywood actor and the late Kate Preston. Many still remember her as a plump girl with nothing attractive and just imagine their surprise when they came across Bleu’s new photos.

The lady experienced the biggest loss of her life when her mother tragically passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. Heartbroken and desperate, Ella still showed resilience and continued standing still thus making her father proud.

For those who don’t know, she decided to follow in her dad’s career footsteps making her debut in the 2009 movie «Old Dogs». Though she knew that her celebrity parents’ influence would guide her there, she herself determined to make her own path to success.


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Her amazing transformation of losing weight let no single one remain indifferent. Bleu’s journey serves as an inspiration for many and encourages the others to keep the hope till the end. She has become ten times slimmer, more attractive and feminine.


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