Our grandmother cried for joy when she entered her old house and saw it after a radical renovation

We surprised our granny with the best birthday gift and renovated her old apartment! 😍😮Try not to get surprised when you see the photos in this article! 👇👇👇

Our grandmother’s house is in a 5-story panel building and its area constitutes only 45 square meters. Previously, she lived here with her husband. But after his passing, she was left alone despite the grandkids’ frequent visits.

One may call her a super granny. She still takes up sports, goes shopping and rejuvenates her friends with beauty procedures. However surprising it may sound, she has turned 80 and this is our big surprise for her birthday.

The whole thing is that our grandpa had no wish to do a renovation and it wasn’t until his passing that we decided to give it a fresher and more modern look. Believe it or not, it took us three and more days to remove the old wallpapers.

During the process, we replaced the radiator. Then, we sanded the surfaces almost completely.

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