«The Medjai leader 24 years later!» This is what happened to Oded Fehr and how the actor lives now

Can you recall film «The Mummy»?🧐 24 years have already passed and this is how the leading actor has changed! 😳😬 See the recent photos of actor Oded Fehr in this article! 👇👇👇

You all probably remember the leader of Medjai from the great movie «The Mummy» brilliantly played by an Israeli actor named Oded Fehr. His career was brought to a whole new level after he played this legendary role.

It is needless to say that over 24 years have passed and he has changed beyond recognition. The former brunette warrior looks completely different with grayed hair and noticeably aged look. The classic character is hard to recognize today.


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Some expressed their big surprise, couldn’t remain indifferent and rushed to comment on his changed look: «Still the same heartthrob!», «It took me a while to recognize him here», «Time has been merciless».

Have you watched the movie? Are you a fan of this actor?

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