My mother-in-law insisted on me to choose another wedding gown and this is what happened when I stayed true to my choice

See my actions when I got home and didn’t find my wedding gown in this article!

Today’s story was shared by a girl who was in the midst of preparing for the most special and important day of her life – her wedding. Like any other bride-to-be, she wanted everything to be organized in a proper way and did her best not to miss something.

Little did she know that everything would become a chaos the moment her future mother-in-law joined her in choosing a wedding gown. It was her fiancé who insisted that his mother would be involved in the preparations.

As a result, the wedding preparation became a nightmare for the fiancée. Whatever she liked wasn’t approved by the woman. She was never pleased and wanted her to listen to her advice and choose whatever she herself found appropriate.

Another disagreement occurred when they were choosing a wedding gown. The woman had another vision and didn’t want her future daughter-in-law to wear the dress she herself chose on her wedding day.  She, anyway, insisted on buying what was closer to her heart and taste.

When they returned home and her fiancé was informed about the incident, he started accusing the girl of making his mother feel rejected. The dress she chose evoked tensions and soon it was missing.

The man claimed that the dress she liked and the one which his mother chose were  not so much different. The girl seeks advice and has no idea what to do in such a situation.

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